Healthy vs. Unhealthy work environment

By sharing this article is done with the purpose of creating awareness with people working in different companies that emphasize Integrity.
Many of these companies mention this practice and emphasize that this is the foundation of this company , the leaders of those companies stand firm of that practice; sadly those leaders when making decisions on the role of the integrity their ability and determination to make that decisions puts them in a line of judgment  since that decisions end up hurting employees working in those companies.
It all starts at that moment , a bad decision , this is gathering strength to form a negative reaction that damages the group of people working , creating an atmosphere of physical and emotional negative work which leads to most employees negative bias in the workplace ; this leads to a number of emotional and physical situations .




Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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