Labor Claims about Wal Mart

This case report describes and analyzes the main facts related to labor demands against the multinational corporation retail world's largest American origin, Walmart. These facts have become known in recent decades, especially in countries like the United States and Mexico. The workers accuse the company of making all kinds of labor violations, from gender discrimination to non-payment of overtime. Due to constant labor abuse, workers are supported in their demands by activists and towards external labor unions improvements. That is why Walmart has faced a lot of demands by workers and because of this, has had to pay millions in compensation due to the faults committed.


On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas. The strategy for success was having the best prices anywhere, anytime. Since then, as a small discount retailer, it has managed to open thousands of stores in the US and it has expanded internationally.

In the nineties they managed to have a greater impact and presence with stores in the world, in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Canada, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Honduras, El Salvador, Japan and China. That is why the company reported over US $ 100 billion in annual sales, which has placed Walmart in the ranking of the 20 largest companies in the world.

However, although it remains the largest employer US company, which is owned by the richest family in the country, it is a company in which many of its employees depends on the meager aid programs to the poor in the United States, and receiving salaries are too low to lead a stable life. That is, the expansion and wealth of the company, he though to consumers through lower prices, but worse, as far as workers are concerned, because they had to receive very low wages by the need to to work.

That is why in recent decades, Walmart has been a lot of demands from workers, which cover mostly all types of labor violations such as gender discrimination, not paying overtime work, not allow lunch hours, not allowing unionization, pay with vouchers consumption and other issues. Moreover, Walmart has put this as the first company with more labor demands in Mexico City, Mexico and one of the first in the United States.

The start of the crisis.

Since 2000 the company has been strongly challenged by labor issues. This year, a case of great magnitude occurred in the state of Colorado, Walmart had to pay $ 50 million to settle a class action lawsuit that claimed more than 69,000 employees in Colorado were forced to work off the clock.

In 2002, a similar case occurred. A federal jury in Oregon awarded back pay to 83 workers; ie Walmart had to pay the amount of money they had to pay to workers who toiled for months at times outside the set range.
In 2005, thousands of workers claimed that the lunchtime it was illegally denied. In this demand for workers made use of the following sentence: "A worker is entitled to their lunch. And get paid for overtime. " Obviously, something had to meet but that was not always the case in some Walmart stores. It is for this reason that a California jury awarded payment of $ 172 million to these employees. Furthermore, the case was at least 40 demands very similar

filed in the United States. The results of the cases varied, but those prevailing at higher levels, brought very bad news for the company.

In 2008, in Mexico there were demands that the company conducted consumer payments through vouchers that could be redeemed only in the store Walmart. That is, the workers could not have these amounts of their salaries, as only they could spend on purchases made in the store. In this situation, the federal district court accepted the lawsuit and demanded that the company stop paying salaries to their employees with such consumer vouchers.

In 2010, a dozen workers claimed against the retail giant Walmart subsequently became a huge demand with more than 500,000 workers. The main foundation they claimed was receiving lower wages and have fewer opportunities for promotion than workers. That is, he was taking a case of gender discrimination. According to the magazine QueensLatin is one of the biggest lawsuits against Walmart.
In 2012 , the organization Walmart Workers Group of Mexico reported that the retailer violated labor rights of their employees. In this case workers risked dismissal if they demanded respect for their rights. The managers were afraid. The public denunciation of workers including low pay and unveiled the case of a worker who took five pesos in its last bi-weekly pay after the company made ​​him many discounts . Also unveiled were assigned to cleaning, security and administration schedules outlaw some workers .

Prepared by : Claudia Guinetti


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