Reactions about the news of Wal Mar Labor Rights Demands

"The biggest scandals of Wal-Mart," "Get Wal-Mart 100 monthly labor demands," "Wal-Mart lost by denying time to eat their employees", "Wal-mart rotten apple? These are just some of the titles that could be found in different print media in the US against corporate malpractice that had Wal-Mart workers.

The plaintiffs got much help from the media, as these kept the public informed about the processes and the demands imposed on Wal-Mart. In addition, they brought to light the statements of many of its workers. The publications are propagated in magazines, radios, newspapers and websites, which helped the growth of the negative image of the company.

The response and reaction of the audience was immediate, as many of these people felt identified with what was happening to these workers, because they recognized that at no time experience or would like to experience that kind of labor abuse.
Also, news that forced workers to work more than 8 hours a day, workers were removed from their constantly positions, were not granted enough time for lunch and, besides all this, the frightened with the idea of ​​throwing them away from work time if they complained of the treatment they received. For these reasons, the leaders of pension funds in New York had decided not to vote for the reelection of directors of Wal-Mart in the general assembly of shareholders.

Against all this, the company Wal-Mart refused, through spokespersons, have committed acts of discrimination against workers on the grounds that more than 50% of managers were women in their company. In addition, he denied any other charges against him, as he blamed for violating the rights of its workers.

However, large US multinational companies supported Wal-Mart, they were about 19, in which Microsoft and Bank of America was located. These companies were opposed to individual demands to become a demand for a common cause, which would make the demands were readily accepted.
There were two high-profile cases and unleashed more scandals disseminated by the media. One was The New York Times, one of the most influential newspapers in the world, announced that Wal-Mart had blackmailed Mexican officials with a sum of 24 million dollars over three years, in order to silence complaints and put an end to comments that called into question the image of the company.

Another very famous case that was presented in the press was that of retired teachers in the state of California, which owned more than 5.3 million shares of Wal-Mart, they filed a lawsuit accusing senior company executives They have sold a lot of shares before made public the illegal operations in Mexico.
In the end, all this brought major consequences, since, in 2010, shares of Wal-Mart lost value on the New York Stock Exchange, which showed that legal problems would continue. This is because not only received labor demands but also accused him of bribery.
For which Wal-Mart ended up in these allegations saying they were a company that encourage trade, provide jobs and 1,300,000 jobs have health coverage for their workers. With this the company tried to convey something that he had no support.
Analysis of the crisis:
Is it right that workers' rights are not taken into account in return for lower costs? Is it okay to exploit labor in order to earn more? Does the bribe is an acceptable practice to success? Do you think are justifiable acts committed by Wal-Mart think?

These events committed by Wal-Mart are antithetical and anti moral. Since this company makes a series of abuses of their employees, in return for lower costs and higher profits. In addition, the company takes advantage of the situation of many workers who have no other source of livelihood for your home and know why accept such exploitation at work.

Also, the moral of the directors was marred by mismanagement and bribery they did. In their quest for success and power, Wal-Mart became involved in issues related to bribery in order to obtain permits without complying with certain requirements or standards.
The worst was that Wal-Mart did not take into account the consequences of their actions. Well, probably, if he reacted responsibly, accepting their mistakes, perhaps many of the demonstrations had not come to light and would not have been as big as the one they had lost.
Unfortunately many companies do not realize that the best way to make profits, really, is to have employees committed to the company, where they can get a good deal, Laborem in a pleasant environment, to be treated with respect and recognition and where there is equal treatment. Find work that they feel comfortable in their work and not to work for fear.

Similarly, I think the main problem that is faced by companies who want to do it fast and do not take into account what is happening around them or if they are hurting someone. Many times, companies hired as manager or head to a person who can generate value for the company, but do not take into account whether that person, apart from being intelligent and able to do their work, have the values ​​and principles necessary for defrosting a position of leader and, above all, that represents the best way for the company.
Profit is not bad, but if that's all that matters to the business, then it is a problem that in the not too distant future we will involve all.

By: Cinthya Castillo Levano


Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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