Summary of the present

It is recognized that the economic situation in Puerto Rico is worrying and we are appreciated for what we have at the moment; however we are committed to work for the company, but our  voice should be lifted so that management take action and worry about the situations that lead affecting us in a while.

I write this on condition of anonymity as saying my name would lead to a dismissal without justification. Although is one person who writes this, I have the certainty that I speak on behalf of most of the members who work at Wal Mart, in my case I work in the store 2501.

I have several years working in the store and worrying because the work environment is one physical and emotionally unhealthy as well as a number of things for the benefit of my colleagues. Concerns have gone increasing over the years and the management’s reaction to them was zero. Several letters have been sent to the respective persons who represent authority in the company, but nothing; It has been practiced the process of going step by step but all remains inert.

Here are some of the concerns that have caused discomfort and as indicated, have ignored the same:

1. We have a growing workload at night, that is, associates sent to a work area or department that in some cases needs two or more associates and when they only send one associate this will be not capable to cover all the tasks required to do in the area and this means that the work performance will not be good enough and sometimes the associates will result having an injury.

2. It is understood that there is no training whe an emergency ocurrs, security doors with locks or merchandise, which prevent rapid access in a time of emergency.

3. The need for tools, in this case we have the main tool that is used in the sales floor damage, some of them are good but not enough for the associates.

4. On several occasions the air goes out of the store by sections, at other times it is completely turned off for a period of time which caused some health situations with associates.

5. When you are performing a task that was assigned by a supervisor then comes another suoervisor and has another job you have to leave the other one and he tells you to start another, this usually happens when there is much different supervisors, they do not have communication entity.

6. This is of great concern, as some associates have chosen not to tell how they feel or if they have some discomfort or physical condition. Sometimes the shift supervisor required to stay because there is much work or they encroach upon the advice of a health professional to tell you to do or take.

7. The company demands a “dress code” which under law is considered uniform when parts used are the same for all partners.

8. At this point we have many supervisors that go to the associated in a derogatory manner, mocking and making bragging about their skills and authority as such. In meetings before starting to work they have a strong criticism of our work, these expressions lower the morale of the group. A lack of cordiality which covers all management on many occasions to these reach their shift and being in the presence of the partner.

9. We have the situation of reprisals, an associate has a duty to report things that is happening in company, sometimes the associated take action, the reaction of supervisors is a mockery or disgust.

10. The open door policy that offers the company sometimes does not work as discussed situations filtered and hear others which have no bearing on this situation.

12. In situations associates are not able to go to work they call the store to let know the supervisor that he won’t be able to come to work and he reiterates why he can not work and even sometimes the scheme breaks HIPAA Act, this has happened at times as the partner tends to disclose their status for fear of not excuse, the supervisor require that the condition it’s not an excuse to come to work.

13. The assessment process or anual evaluation this process the requirements not to give you a prefect evaluation are ridiculous and have nothing to do with the responsibilities of each partner in particular.

14. In many cases different supervisors from different areas of work question the accommodation which is protected by law. There have been situations with associates whi are students in which they put them to choose between work and their professional development.

The work in a unhealthy environment decreased production and performance which affectsor the company.

The lack of employee motivation, criticism and ridicule greatly reduced morale, attacks associated psychologically, and this hurts the associated work.

Recently it has been carrying the message through different letters that are been posted on different parts of the store because it is understood that management knows about those letters, but what they do at the moment,nothing, just search for the person responsible for these acts.




Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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