Though of the week

The unfortunate tragedy of El Faro ship cargoes was very strong for the families of the crew.
I refer to this unfortunate event because it is known that some Walmart by not having the goods available to customers as an opportunity they blame on this unfortunate tragedy.
This practice is infamous, they have no respect at all, it is known that the “fabulous” program called CAP is not working the way it is supposed to, the so-called “leaders” to this program are not monitoring the program like is suppose to, this is a problem becauseif the program don’t run like is supposed to the merchandise is not available for customers, and for that the merchandise keeps in the back store. The expertise of these “leaders” is to give a heavier burden to each partner because there is no pattern as each turn is obliged to finish the tasks that the previous shift. It’s simple, the bad decision that are making our “leader” are affecting the associate and the consumer.
The reality is that no one knows what is going on at 2501, partners are quitting or asking for transfer to other stores, the “leaders” do not seem to care about the impact this is having both the associate and the consumer.
The rumors are running, several people ask, what’s about the store of Plaza del Sol that is running out of partners?

Tremendous “leaders” we have ….



Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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