Empty Words


This letter was placed in the area where associates begin their time in or out , this is “written ” by a prominent figure in Puerto Rico Walmart stores . Unfortunately the words written in this letter most are lies or to pronounce it a little better , a confusion of ideas.

It is said that Walmart had been making various changes,like paid to ” our people ” , the structure of the associated schedule , training new associates and improvements to the structure of the stores ; all this to position ourselves as ” top ” priority , when really this is a fallacy .

At the bottom, cleaning shop stands , the availability of the goods on the shelves , happy partners , an excellent environment for labor …

To denote each point here is some explanation of each with the true reality and not with this manipulation of words.

1. The payment change was due to the different work unions that helped create what is today Our Walmart, thanks to the pressure of these aids and thousands of members were able to negotiate a “best” paid per hour.

2. “Structure” schedule of associates. The way  the managers used to “structure” the associate scheduled was one filled with doubts and discomfort. Here the seniority was not considered , no consideration for the parents who had to attend their sons or daughters responsibilities . There were times that preference for other associates was present, associates  that were promised that  would be equality in the shift rotation thereof so it was the same associates  were making the shift again and again.

3. There is no training for the new associates.  The new associates only take the interviews and once completed the process they are sent to the sales floor without any knowledge. A new associate express discomfort:  the managment supposed to train us and tell the basics and they don’t teach us nothing as it should to do and can not do, I’m here until I graduate, this is no place to prosper. ” I very much agree with the terms as all new associates  were not with training and most associates  are lost in the sales floor.

4. As for the structures in our stores only associates  learn once already started, this sometimes doubts the expected profit.

5. Actually we are the first in their list of priorities? Until today, is been five years of complaints about improvements in the workplace and nothing has happened, so where we are in this “priorities”?

6. Cleaning Store is an important task,  which often a single person is responsible for that, in this I am referring to special projects, management makes the decision to hire the services of a privately maintenance, where the efforts of the associated maintenance ends?

7. The availability of goods is a quality that is vaguely present in the store, since the start of the CAP program it has been one filled with confusion, disorganized and lacking in leadership. The problem is not the associates, the problem is the decisions that are making our “leaders”; since the knowledge of a new program was in the air some of the associates assume that it would bring disgust, hatred and negative things, so it has been, each of these things are present. Most department managers consistently show their disgust at the way it operates. The reality, the program is not working from the start.

8. Finally, the working environment is a negative, hostile, each face of each associate tells a story, an experience most negative.

So the person who made the letter we encourage him the task of knowing whether they are actually stuff happening in his stores, please know more of the concerns of your people but like the last time don’t send someone from Home Office to take care of things, and someone who does not have the professionalism of hear or listen, it’s time we really are place in a real priority , no more false messages , no more empty words.



Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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