Wal – Mart denies basic rights to its workers : Human Rights Watch


Instructs employees to form rapid reaction teams attempt to unionize

Wal-Mart, the world largest company in the United States, violates the right to freedom of association, thus defeating the union and denying the basic rights of its more than one million 300 thousand employees in this country, Human Rights Watch .

The report, presented on Tuesday, documents tactics, the use of weak labor laws and the extent and aggressiveness of the “anti-union apparatus” of Wal-Mart.

“The Wal-Mart workers have virtually no chance to unionize, as they face unfair US labor laws and a giant company that is willing to do almost anything to keep unions out,” said Carol Pier, senior researcher labor rights at Human Rights Watch (HRW). The organization says it is not by accident that none of the workers at almost 4,000 Wal-Mart stores in this country are unionized.

Research reveals anti-union strategy Wal-Mart from “indoctrinate” employees and managers against trade unions from the moment they are hired, and a handbook for managers on how “to remain union free” until instructed to call rapid reaction team of specialized in thwarting all attempts union company. The use of anti-union propaganda and also documents how the company generates an anti-union climate using mostly fear among employees.
HRW found that the company intensifies this “climate of fear”, sending managers to eavesdrop on conversations among workers, with cameras watching the movements of employees suspected of being sympathetic to unions, and threats of loss of benefits if a union is formed, and It has come to take measures of intimidation against those who promote unionization which even dismissal.

“Deprived of their right to form unions, Wal-Mart employees have been unable to join forces to raise their concerns about the alleged policy of the company to get rid of senior employees to deal with their struggle to survive on wages Wal-Mart or to demand an end to the high costs of health insurance, “says HRW.

Article by David Brooks



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