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Walmart cited for illegal dismissals while the workers increase struggle

By Kathy Durkin posted on December 11, 2013

Walmart workers have faced the largest private employer in the United States. With the help of unions and progressive community organizations, they have faced all hostile ruthless tactics employed by this transnational corporation, defending their own rights and those of all employees.

It was the strong fight against unfair labor practices in the global giant which has led to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB by the acronym), to consider 35 charges against the company by the Walmart workers dismissed or disciplined.On 18 November, the Office of the General Counsel of the NLRB found merit in some complaints about violations of the National Labor Relations Act by Walmart and approved the complaints alleging that the company violated the rights of workers.

NLRB.gov blog says: “The Office of General Counsel (OGC acronym) has authorized the complaints about alleged violations of the LNRL. If the parties can not reach an agreement in these cases, complaints will be submitted “. The OGC agrees that the representative of Walmart, David Tovar, speaking on national television last year, threatened reprisals against employees intending to go on strike or protest during the “Black Friday”. In addition, stores in 13 states had “threatened, illegally dismissed or disciplined workers is legally engage in protected activities” and Walmart stores in four states were punished or fired employees that were not related to a strike activities.

‘Making Change at Walmart’ (Making a change at Walmart), said on November 21 that “the Board will trial the illegal dismissal of Walmart and disciplinary action against more than 117 workers.”

These brave workers have demanded that the global company pay decent wages, better working conditions and respect them. Most of  employees earn less than $ 25,000 a year, while the company gets $ 17 billion in annual revenue. Members of the Walton family own more than $ 144 billion in assets and hold four seats on the Forbes list of the 10 richest people in US.

A working / is not touch them anything

On average workers earn $ 8.81 an hour. Many  have to work involuntarily part-time schedules. With such low income, many dependent on federal food stamps and Medicaid coverage.

Last year, hundreds of workers decided they’d had enough abuse and was struck on “Black Friday”. Other actions, including strikes, have taken place since. Supported by our Walmart and Making Change at Walmart – linked to the Union of Food and Commercial groups – and Occupy Wall Street and other political, community and youth groups, many manifestations became of thousands.

Importantly it is becoming more public support to these struggles, solidarity and because there are so many workers themselves facing economic crisis and “recovery” without jobs or lower wages.The company ferocious reprisals only increase the determination of Walmart workers and the community support.

Ultimately, it is the class struggle which will win the Walmart workers.Although workers are trying every avenue they can properly, government agencies and the legal field can not completely solve their grievances, and negotiations on “arrangements” will not achieve a sufficient remuneration or totally end up with labor abuse in places of work.

Despite the accusations of the NLRB, the super-exploitation of the Walmart workers continues – and no conciliatory move. The workers have to keep fighting. Any profit they earn is the result of their struggle. There is no substitute for the pressure of working; they may work more slowly, stop work and leave work. In addition, they are building solidarity in the workplace and in other Walmart stores.Employers fear this solidarity as much as they fear unionization.

The manifestations of “Black Friday” occurred again this year on November 29 throughout the country. The WW-Workers World Party joined several and urged participation in these events as an act of solidarity with the Walmart workers.Their struggle encourages all the workers, organized or otherwise, including all the paid workers in all industries.



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