Wal Mart the company more sued in the world and its influence in Mexico

Wal Mart ‘s power is changing México the same way that changed the economic landscape of the United States and with the same formula :

Low prices mercilessly , increases productivity , pay low wages, prohibits unions , give suppliers the tightest profit margin as possible, sell any product with a lower price than lacompetencia , it affects small and medium businesses and competition.

Let’s start with the lowest prices .

Since 2002 Wal Mart abuses in the workplace in Jordan, Bangladesh and Hula San Pedro , Honduras .

Especially workers in Jordan are forced to work 20 hours a day that is 109 hours a week without pay for six months . ( manufactured clothes).

Yanal Beasha trade representative in Washington of Jordan read the report and its recommendations.

Solicites to eliminate these abuses in his country.

Solicites these factories close or remove the license until they prove that modify its operation in the country .

There are 102 textile and garment factories employing 55,000 people ; more than half of workers are in other countries.

The sins of Wal Mart is that consumers have no interest in workers and the low prices put above any social consequence , the human cost behind cheap Wal Mart.

You pay low wages.

Costco pays 65% on average over WalMart salaries.

Wal Mart employees in the United States at a rate of 75% pay their health programs, costing the federal government because this line is not required by law to give the company the benefit.

Women generally have less pay than men.

Employees have means shifts in order to not create rights within the company also prohibiting any union.

In Mexico Wal Mart wages are the lowest of all the competition.

No unions are allowed.

They have a workforce of 133 000 members and 35 000 slaves (the come-come and matches) which do not have any labor benefits.

Another view is that as a major employer in Mexico and paid lower wages, results in a tendency to reduce salaries nationwide.

Comparative table of cost and product between México and United States in relation to the hours of work to be carried out to buy a product.

Mexico. U.S.

Diapers 18.9 1.4

Milk 1 gallon 5.6 0.5

Hand soaps

pack of 4 3.9 0.3

Rice 1.4 0.2

Pinto bean 1.6 0.3

Wal Mart’s profits in 2005 were 12.5 billion a year, said its financial statements.

Why they not pay them salaries of 35,000 in Mexico, which represent only 785 million Mexicans dollars  a year ?.

Today, today, today, today, WAL MART TODAY.

It gives providers the tighter profit margin as possible.

Wal Mart in Mexico has bankrupted much suppliers, controlling them their prices, volume discounts asking for confidential by total sales, gifts by opening their shops.

It also asks if we do not offer discounts developers to accommodate goods; if they send the wrong amount fined the company, in some cases the fines erased the profit margin and many times if the wrong amount sent the entire order is free.

Wal Mart makes its suppliers production dust limiting or invading the market of cheap imports.

Impact on small, medium businesses and competition.

Each Wal Mart in Mexico represents a death sentence for small and medium businesses to create poverty import and sell junk. It also creates problems of average economic and social environment that causes response of citizens as this writing.

Wal Mart pressure can crush any company.

Most WalMart shopping centers does not meet the legal requirements for operation.

The municipal, state and federal staff are not trained to authorize the malls.

His point of view and interest are only economic and fail to give legal weight to the environmental aspects, impact of traffic, air quality, water treatment and groundwater, storm waste mishandling, reduction of natural habitat loss open spaces, homogenization of rural landscapes, new infrastructure spending, the deterioration of historical malls and excess traffic on the freeways.

When Wal-Mart comes to a new town it represents the opening of 100 new stores at the same time.

The opening of each Wal Mart means that in the first five years they sold 50% of trade in the town representing an average of 40 thousand customers in that area; as a consequence eliminate 50% of trade.

Where will this 50 % go?

Wal Mart is a form of economic displacement no economic development; They use fuzzy math that only sees a gross impact on the community , never a net effect of its stores.

In the United States it finished with chains like Caldors which closed its doors in February 1998 and , this being the fourth largest chain in Latin America , closing 145 stores in nine states , with 22,000 employees and sales of 2.49 trillion

Caldors equivalent to open 100 stores Wal Mart. Other US stores have disappeared as Rich’s ; Grossman and Payless Cashways .

Wal Mart has no compassion for the community or individuals.



Author: laoch6

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