Walmart keeps “better and better”


One of the rights as associates in this “great” company is to accumulate hours for vacations. One as an associate eagerly anticipates the time goes by because in that time we accumulate hours so we can organize to picks the days for our vacations to spend it we our family.

Unfortunately we are at the mercy of taking the vacation according to the analyzes that have to make the HR staff and the respective management. Saying that an associate really can not do planning as such. If an associate have evidence that he needs an specific week and the so called analysis that HR staff indicates that this week is unavailable the next step would be to speak with the Genereal M
anager of the store, the chances that this “great” leader nod concern associated, this showing evidence is in denial. This has happened on many occasions.

Then we take vacation at the discretion of the famous “leaders.”

Humans set priorities, this is paramount spending time with his family; However, even in this company intrudes.

Enough, we must be a voice, we can not remain puppets of these people. We must wake up, stop being afraid, labor rights are in the hands of human rights.



Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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