Seventh testimony

An associate who has spent several years in the store angrily says that the lack of professionalism and the change that has taken the Store Manager of 2501 :

“I dont know what’s ‘s happened to our manager, he changed from heaven to earth. He tell us much that if one as an associate have a complaint or some situation we stop him and talk to him. I personally talk to him from various situations, but I was amazed what I heard him say he preferred to go to the office that is in the automobile area because he don’t want nobody not bother him , he was tired of hearing complaints, what are we going to do with a manager don’t respect us and doesn’t care about us , this is very regrettable”.

She concludes. In my personal opinion this “leader” , which hace a organization that get advice to develop professionals , has always been the same , for me he is a bad person. Use a costume that makes it look to the public and even some associates as ” leading ” tremendous , which is not. Just position , Store Manager , nothing else.



Author: laoch6

Me considero una persona común y corriente. Me encantan las artes marciales y las investigaciones criminales. Me siento comprometido en ayudar a las personas que lo necesiten y así lo deseen. Soy un libro abierto, cualquier tema de conversación me llama la atención.

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