Walmart make promises

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Mexican Venanzi Luna, 35, traveled from California to Arkansas from his pocket to protest: “Walmart employees live paycheck to paycheck, not have any margin for savings.”

Walmart, however, says it will end this bad reputation. “My job is to make life easier,” he promised the president of the US company, Greg Foran, a group of workers.

Both sides found these days in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The largest private employer in the United States, Walmart, held there annual meeting of shareholders. After months of protests of the workers, the company has revealed more details of the plan of 1,000 million dollars to improve the conditions of its workforce.

 1. Everyone charged the minimum wage

In February and it announced a wage increase for 40% of the workforce, some 500,000 workers. The least charged at Walmart passed to receive a minimum of $ 7.25 per hour to charge 9. This week anticipated a further rise for another part of the workforce: 100,000 employees in positions of responsibility and power sections that earn up to three dollars more per hour.

2. The return of the jeans

Walmart ensures that relax the rules of how to dress in stores. As have several employees, last year between the template upset hardening of the rules of clothing and additional expenditure generated them having to buy clothes. Now the firm will be more flexible and, in the warehouse, may carry even jeans .

3. The music elect a DJ

Following complaints by some employees playing the same music hourly, it will end with lists loop with Justin Bieber and Celine Dion. “The company returned to Walmart stores Radio music,” he said by email the company spokesman, Kory Lundberg. In other words, someone will decide what sounds and when in the chain stores.

4. The temperature rises one degree

Walmart will increase by one degree Fahrenheit temperature stores. Workers, especially in warehouses, complained of the cold. Employees also wonder why the temperature of all sales centers decide on the headquarters of Arkansas, although it will remain the same, according to spokesman he said.

5. They promise more promotions

Stuck in the idea that workers leave the firm after a few months, Walmart included in his millionaire’s training plan. Without specifying many details, the spokesman explained that the idea is that whoever enters into a core post Walmart will get a promotion in the next contract. The improvement plans have a budget of $ 1,000 million, equivalent to 0.2% of their annual sales.

6. And what is pending

A Venanzi Luna, who has worked for eight years with the company, he is not convinced the measures. “These are changes that do not want to see other little things that really need to change,” charges is employed. The activists asked the company to reach the minimum of $ 15 an hour for every employee and offer many more full-time contracts.

Moon will leave the company in a few days.Walmart announced in April unexpectedly closing five stores, including the mall in California where she worked. It is one of the hundreds of employees who participated Walmart labor complaints and have placed the country’s largest private employer in the center of the national debate on wages.

At the annual meeting of shareholders on Friday, Walmart also issued a change in the offices above: the president of the company, Rob Walton, son of the founder of the brand, is stepping down after two decades. 70 The employer gives the baton to his right hand, until now vice president Greg Penner, 45.

We’ll see if they keep their word , because in Puerto Rico, specifically in the 2501, there’s had been made a number of promises and nothing really happened is just manipulation of information.



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