This Former Walmart Manager’s Horrifying Account of Worker Abuse by the Retail Giant

February 7, 2014 • By Simone Sanner

A 20-year veteran employee of Walmart recently toldGawker his story.  From the corporate giant’s greed and mistreatment of employees, to the way they get around giving out earned benefits and ensure people cannot work a second job to supplement their poor pay — he included it all.

The person withheld their identity, stating, “retaliation is alive at Walmart.” After stating they had been an employee of Walmart since the mid-1990s and currently held the position of assistant sales manager at a Walmart store, the person then went on to list how the store has changed since the time they started, and how terribly they now treat people.

While the company used to start employees off at 10 or more dollars an hour, starting wage has dropped since then. While time-and-a-half is covered to employees who have been with the company long enough to have earned the benefit, they are not scheduled for weekends, or let go to make room for new hires who have not earned any extra benefits.
Walmart also admonished store managers to cut employee hours to part-time so that they didn’t have to pay anyone full-time benefits.

When talking about Walmart retirement programs, the anonymous commenter said:

”Lee Scott [WM CEO from 2000-2009] instituted a [culture] where you could not question the company’s direction or offer critical feedback to the leadership. Years ago on our company intranet site, he had something I believe was called ‘Ask Lee.’ It was basically a place you could ask him a question and he would respond. I remember a Store Manager asked Lee Scott why Walmart didn’t offer its store associates a pension program so they could have the ability to retire. Lee Scott blasted this store manager for asking this question and I was quite surprised that he even allowed this example to be posted. None the less ‘Ask Lee’ was eliminated and I wouldn’t be surprised if so was the store manager. This mentality extends all the way down to the lowest level of the company. I could never send an honest feedback such as this email to anyone of authority at Walmart without being retaliated. I’ve seen it many times.

The long and the short of it seems to be that people who have given years to the company are of less importance than new hires who have little or no training.

”I could keep going but basically Walmart has been hacking on its benefit and pay structure for years to save on cost. Their over all view point is that there is little difference in performance and return on investment from a ten year associate and a new hire.

In other Walmart is Run by Jerks News, be sure to read about how Walmart admits that SNAP iscorporate profit subsidy for them, the lie conservatives told when they said Walmart had better insurance than Medicaid, and where Walmart sold donkey meat disguised as pre-made lasagna and sausages to help boost their profits.



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